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“Investment In The Community”

Delray Beach, Florida 

The LEGACY Players For Peace Music Academy is an initiative implemented into the Legacy Peace Park campus. Our goals and objectives are to offer Music Education as a compliment to our Sport programs to children in the community that would not have the opportunity to participate in such wonderful outlets of expression. 


Over the past decade, we’ve seen funding for Music Education in public school systems cut dramatically. Today, some children lack access to any musical instruments or instruction. 


We know that music education provides a variety of cognitive benefits to children’s developing minds. Playing music provides children with a means for self-expression, and learning an instrument builds self-confidence. As with sport, music promotes community amongst fellow musicians and audiences, and fosters goodwill.


The Players For Peace Music Academy will prioritize Music Education and collaboration. We will help realize the aspirations of children with an ambition to learn to play an instrument, sing, compose and produce music through instruction and mentorship. 



Participants in our programs are Players For Peace Ambassadors.

Donors are Champions For Peace 

For Information About The Legacy Peace Park and Education Campus

 Change the Life of a Child 

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Your Tax-Deductible Patronage will help us provide after school, evening and summer programs for 250 children and families in the community, as well as a schedule of programs for children with disabilities.

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