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PeaceBit and PEACE.CX profits will be utilized to invest in real estate development initiatives that have the potential for perpetual revenue, in order to underwrite the sustainability of the Global Network of LEGACY Projects and Initiatives.  The GOL ILUMINADO FOUNDATION has Identified and created the opportunity for four (4) initial projects for the PeaceBit proceeds Investment Strategy. These real estate investment opportunities have materialized through long standing established relationships. All of the projects have the elements and the potential to be “inter-connected” to our Global Vision. Comprehensive business plans will be provided at the appropriate time.                       


  1. Legacy Peace Park - five (5) acres development campus project in a downtown prime resort destination in Palm Beach County, Florida. The land and amenities have a value of approximately USD $10M with USD $3M perpetual annual revenue for sustainability. This is a prototype project for a global network of similar  projects.

  2. Acquisition of the Naming Rights and Tenancy of a "Multi-Purpose Stadium Complex" for the development of a "Destination of Entertainment & Sport"  in a prime resort destination in Palm Beach County, Florida. Land/Amenities value of approximately USD$100M with USD$20M - $60M perpetual annual revenue for sustainability.

  3. Potential Acquisition of a nine hundred (900) acres Island in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. Unique opportunity - USD$25M acquisition with a Bank appraisal of approximately USD$117M (USD $90M of equity upon acquisition). The Island property has an air strip, amenities, complete utilities, roads, master plans – USD$2M worth of studies, plans and marina basin approvals, along with an “international port of entry” for which we are in preliminary gov't. talks. (Strategy in place to bring in USD$1Billion of real estate development funds within 24 months)

  4. The development of Legacy Eco-Sport Resort destination on  three thousand (3,000) acres of vista and ocean front property in South Eleuthera, Commonwealth of The Bahamas


player discovery, development, management 

and football club ownership OPPORTUNITIES

PeaceBit and PEACE.CX profits will also be utilized to invest in a network of Player Discovery, and Development initiatives that will integrate a Talent Management Agency. We are already compliant with FIFA Licensing Requirements. 


FutbolMasters has identified and created four (4) unique and valuable Football Club projects that will be developed, branded and utilized to showcase our talent pool of discovery. The possibilities are limitless. The transfer fees and contracts for players is the most lucrative business in global football. Endorsements, appearance fees and sponsorship opportunities are additional revenues to this strategic and valuable undertaking. Comprehensive business plans will be provided at the appropriate time.  

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