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Investment In The Community

Delray Beach, Florida 

Legacy Peace Park will be developed on 5 acres of land in Delray Beach. It will have a Music Education School, Peace House/Club House, 4 Multi-Sport Courts that will accommodate Futbol, Tennis, Basketball and the 'Football For Peace' co-ed 'flag football' project. The Stadium 'feature' is also designed as a Multi-Sport facility. A 'Skills Circuit', Meditation Park and Community Garden are also features of campus providing programs for children with disabilities during the day, as well as after school and summer programs for 250 disadvantaged youth and families in the community. There is no cost to the participants.


Participants in our programs are Players For Peace Ambassadors.

Donors are Champions For Peace 

For Information About The Legacy Peace Park and Education Campus

 Change the Life of a Child 

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Your Tax-Deductible Patronage will help us provide after school, evening and summer programs for 250 children and families in the community, as well as a schedule of programs for children with disabilities.


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