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The Foundation is Named After a Historical Event

That has Become Synonomous to 'Don Elias' Figueroa.


Legend has it that a ray of light pierced through the stadium stands on a dismally overcast day, illuminating an area in the penalty box at the very moment and in the space where Figueroa headed the ball into the back of the net. An amazing and 'spiritual like' event for the fans of SC Internacional of Porto Alegre, Brasil, where Figueroa was Captain and the reigning South American Player of The Year. 


Figueroa's famous goal was immediately 'tabbed' as the "GOL ILUMINADOby commentators and fans alike.


The game finished 1-0 against Cruzeiro at the Beira-Ri Stadium. The thrilling victory crowned SC International as Champions of Brasil for the very first time in their history.


The LEGEND was established !

The GOL ILUMINADO - The "Illuminated Goal" was a natural and logical name for a Foundation whose mission is to CHANGE LIVES through LEGACY initiatives.


Hear and See the "Gol Iluminado" below

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